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Website Banner Advertisements

Join the Get Noticed Online Banner Advertisement Program and bring traffic to your site

Banner Advertising is a form of advertising on the web that consists of a graphic with a link, attempting to attract visitors or traffic to your website.

Banner Advertising on the Get Noticed Online website is a sure-fire way to promote your business name and message, and drive traffic to your website. It's the perfect place to reach customers and potential customers throughout Cumbria and the UK.

Each time a surfer visits our homepage, they're presented with a banner ad from one of our advertisers.  The banner itself promotes name recognition, and can link to your web site.  Beyond the Get Noticed Online homepage, there are many targeted banner opportunities throughout our site.  Let us help your business succeed by putting you in touch with Cumbria’s largest concentration of Internet subscribers.

As we intend to be one of the most active, most enjoyed and most visited websites it will make sense to advertise on Get Noticed Online.

Benefits of Banner Advertising

  1. Banner advertisements or advertising banner ads entice internet users to click on the banner and go to the advertiser's website. Even an internet user intent on getting information can be sidetracked by a catchy banner advertisement. Then that user might consider purchasing a product or service that he or she previously gave no thought to owning.

  2. Banner advertisements can help a website viewer to become more familiar with a particular brand. The viewer will then think of that brand when discovering information that relates to the website where the banner ad was located. In that way information can serve to reinforce the message in the banner advertisement. Even viewers who don't click through on your banner ad will be exposed repeatedly to your name, in context with your business message.

  3. By posting banner ads, you will rise up in the search engine rankings. Your product, with enough ads and strategic placement, will silently push your page up in the engine ranking. You will get more visitors and more exposure, thus increasing your chances of selling a product.
  4. Using banner ads as advertising space helps you get more visitors to your website.

  5. Banner ads are trackable.  Ever wonder how many people really read your newspaper advertisement and thought more about it?  You'll know that with a banner ad.  Not only will you see how many times the page was viewed, but you'll also have access to customer response stats such as click through rates.

Banner Design   

Get Noticed Online does not provide a banner design service. We will however put you in touch with a trusted company who can provide this service for you.

Get Noticed Online supports 2 Different Ad Types

  1. Standard banner - A banner is a graphic image (static, animated, or rich media) most commonly used for brand awareness and generating sales leads. A standard banner uses an image in JPG or GIF format, not Flash.

  2. Text ad - A text ad is any advertisement using text-based hyperlinks. Consist only of HTML and no images.

Standard Banner Sizes

Banner advertisements on Get Noticed Online can be strategically placed to offer you the most exposure with guaranteed effectiveness. We sell standard banner ads by unique page impression, cost per click and by flat rate, allowing you to monitor your advertisements and fully understand the impact it is having on your overall marketing plans.

468x60 Standard Banner

Standard Banner 468x60

234x60 Half Banner

Half Banner 234x60

125x125 Square Banner

Square Banner 125x125 Banner Positions


120x240 Vertical Banner

Vertical Banner 120x240

Available Advertisement Packages

Get Noticed Online offer 3 types of advertising packages, which advertisers are able to order and pay for online:

  1. CPM – Cost Per 1000 Impressions
    CPM is the price paid by an advertiser for a website to display their banner ad a thousand times. Each time the banner is shown counts as one impression.

    When you add a CPM package, you will be asked to choose how many thousands of impressions to include in this package. Each impression will be counted and added until there are no more impressions left. The campaign will then end and ads of this campaign will not be served any longer. The advertiser is able to see in real time how many impressions have been served and how many remain.

  2. CPC – Cost Per Click
    CPC is the cost an advertiser pays to a website each time a visitor clicks on the advertiser's ad.

    When you add a CPC campaign, you will be asked to choose the number of clicks to include in this package. Each click on any ad will be counted and added until there are no more clicks left. The campaign will then end and ads of this campaign will not be served any longer. The advertiser is able to see in real time how many clicks were performed and how many remain.

  3. Flat Rate – Based on time: days, weeks, months or years
    When you add a Flat Rate campaign, clicks or impressions are counted but don’t affect the duration of the campaign; the only thing that counts is the time unit you’ve selected. For example, if you choose three days, the campaign will be active for three days, then end. The advertiser is able to see how much time is left for this campaign.

Get Noticed Online Banner Advertisement Program – What you get

With the Get Noticed Banner Advertisement Program, advertisers can apply online for an account and purchase advertisement packages. The Banner Advertisement Program allows advertisers to:

Once a user registers as an advertiser, they will be told that their account is pending approval. A Get Noticed Online user account is created for them and they receive an email to activate it. Once they activate their user account, they can login to the website but they cannot view the advertiser pages until admin has approved them as an advertiser. Once approved, advertisers have access to the following advertiser pages:

  • Control Panel – A page with links to the different advertiser pages;
  • My Profile – A page where advertisers can edit their account info;
  • Ads – A page where advertisers can edit and add ads. All ads require admin approval before they are displayed on the site. Admin will then choose the appropriate zone for the ad based on the ad size and the module size and location;
  • Campaigns – For editing/adding campaigns. All campaigns must be approved by admin before they go live. This page also allows advertisers to see stats for each campaign.
  • Reports – This page allows advertisers to see reports in real time;
  • Packages – This page allows advertisers to order advertisement packages;
  • My Orders – This page shows the advertiser’s orders so far.

Use the 'Advertiser Menu' on at the top of the left hand column to register for an advertiser account or to purchase advertisement packages. Alternatively, you can click on the following links:

- Register for an Advertiser Account
- Purchase Advertisement Packages

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