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Written by John Walsh   
Monday, 25 January 2021

ppg image.pngWorkington Reds, like the rest of non-League, are waiting to see just how the FA Council will complete the current season which has been suspended.

The Reds board have completed the  FA survey which sought the views of the clubs in determining the outcome of the 2020/21 season. It was sent to the FA on Friday

Chairman Dave Bowden added “The clubs directors thought it important that we share with our fans the basis of our reply. We have added our comments below as they appeared on the survey.

“We wish to avoid another null and void scenario. There is little doubt that null and void compromises the integrity of football to our fans, sponsors and the investment from the clubs themselves.

“We understand completely the background and situation the country is in due to the pandemic. It is unlikely that some of the target dates to recommence games mentioned in this survey will be achieved in any event, leading to continued uncertainty.

“Without repeating the detail which you already have with reference to the recommendations of “Project Non-league”, our suggestion is that this should be adopted immediately i.e., points per game based on seasons 2019/20 and 2020/21 combined.

“This would give certainty and put integrity back into the competition. Clubs would be rewarded for their efforts and this would create a positive outcome, putting control of promotion and relegation back into the hand of the clubs regardless of the pandemic.

“This provides sufficient foundation and validity over a number of games for a credible decision to be made on this basis.

“It is unlikely we can play our way out of this pandemic, but we can manage our way out of it. Extraordinary times need brave decisions not based on precedents and status quo.“

To help the FA move away from the null and void scenario for the second consecutive season, a new Twitter account has been created to help the cause. ‘Project Non-League – Avoid Null and Void’ has called on the FA to use the points-per-game system using results from the past two seasons, and to complete the planned leagues restructure with no club relegated as a result.

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