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Is it time your business got a much-needed push? Let us help you promote that business with a special DVD on what you have to offer.

Promotional DVDs and Website Videos by Get Noticed Online

Our aim is to produce professional promotional DVDs and website videos that will impact the viewer and promote your product or service in the most professional way.

A promotional DVD and Video is the ideal way to introduce your company to prospective clients. It will show off your products or services at their very best, allowing the viewer to see how it looks, how it sounds and how it moves. Our DVD production utilises the latest broadcast quality equipment to ensure superb crystal clear pictures and graphics for your DVD. Once all the video is acquired the footage will be edited on state-of-the-art editing suites, where motion graphics and high quality audio are then added to your DVD production.

We will create an informative, fast flowing Professional Promotional DVD to compliment the standards you set.

Perhaps you are a budding music band or singer. You feel you have the talent to make it big, but need the right kind of exposure. Or maybe you are a retail business. You want to excite your clients and increase sales with an innovative and distinctive video presentation of your products and services.

All our DVDs are made in full collaboration with our clients throughout the process. You will be in control of your own production from the initial ideas and scripting to the fine details of editing. With our guiding hand you can have as much, or as little, input as you wish.
We will deliver the finished video on any media, in any format, ready for mailing, exhibition, web streaming, sale or adding to multi-media projects.

Steps to making a Promotional DVD and Video:

1. Decide who the video is aimed at, what it will say and how it will be seen.

A typical format may be:-

1) Introduction – Fast moving, with music introducing Product / Service
2) History – A Brief look at History of you organisation
3) Key Message – The main focus of the video
4) Future – Plans for the future
5) Summary – A Look back at Key Points
6) Contact – How people can get in touch

2. Contact Us to arrange a meeting to discuss your project and set filming and delivery dates. We make a written agreement that sets out clearly what shall be done, when, and for how much.

3. We write your film script and prepare locations, schedules and equipment for filming.

4. Filming on location or studio.

5. Editing. We send you the first edit with music, graphics and narration. Having received your comments we incorporate your alterations and up-dates into the final edit and audio mix. You then approve the final edit.

6. Production and packaging of DVDs. Production of internet ready web files. The web version of your video will be featured in the Get Noticed Online Video Section. Production Complete!.

Promotional DVD and Video uses:

•    Show your company in action
•    Demonstrate and sell your products and services 
•    Transform your website  
•    Train and inform staff     
•    Enhance your image

Every project for a promotional DVD is individual and unique. Please feel free to arrange an informal chat to discuss your visions and ideas. We offer a relaxed and friendly consultation. For further details, helpful advice or to arrange a no obligation meeting, please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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