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Written by John Walsh   
Wednesday, 26 August 2020

dearham road crossing.pngConditions could not have been in bigger contrast at the meetings so far this week.

Dearham had the worst of the weather on Tuesday when the hounds were splashing through the fields, sodden by heavy rain.

Tonight, though, a different picture altogether at Potter’s Park with the sun making life a lot more pleasant.

HTA senior table leader Miterdale Shadow added to his tally at Dearham, winning by ten lengths.

There was a good finish to the pups with four of them in with a chance but Cracking Last One Two held-off Silver Mist to win by a couple of lengths.

Last season’s puppy champion Acorn has been consistent, without the wins to match, but she scored a deserved victory at Potter’s Park.

Miss Ava is running well at the moment and she took the pups while Nashville was a popular winner of the open restricted.

Wednesday, August 26

Potters Park

Hounds: 1. Acorn 2. Huntsmans Novice 3. Crazy 4. Blue Blaze 5. Kinniside Mick 6. Hawkswood. 16 Ran. Time: 29.07.

Pups: 1. Miss Ava 2. Wait n See 3. Jenny’s Quest 4. Foxparke Bugga Boo 5. Eagle Rock 6. Foxparke Jog On. 13 Ran. Time: 17.01

Open Maiden: 1. Zack 2. Foxparke Hooligan 3. Some Lad 4. Foxeparke Shakerlackerboomboom 5. Zulu 6. Thorn Fire. 17 Ran Time: 16.56

Open Restricted: 1. Nashville 2. Hunters Flame 3. Black Legend 4. Foxparke Jiggery Puff 5. Thorn Dancer 6. Eagle Hope. 8 Ran Time: 16.10

Tuesday, August 25


Hounds: 1. Miteredale Shadow 2. Cracking Spirit 3. General James 4. Cracking Last One 5. Babycham 6. Bob. 14 Ran Time: 30.27.

Pups: 1. Cracking Last One II 2. Silver Mist 3. Silver Dancer 4. Grange Rose 5. Fly Me To the Moon 6. Debonaire. 12 Ran Time: 17.11

Open Restricted: 1. Wild Gypsy 2. Prospect Spring 3. Tom Thumb 4. Showbiz 5. In The Red 6. Eden Raine. 15 Ran Time: 16.10

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