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Written by John Walsh   
Sunday, 20 September 2020

lady ava.pngIn a turn-up for the books at Helton on Saturday, Lady Ava landed the 2021 bitch produce in a tight finish

The winner had actually been given away to the Foxparke kennel before trailing began with James McLellan handing on to Robyn Napier.

There have been surprise winners over the years and this was certainly up there with the biggest of them.

Lady Ava, by Endure out of Lady Anne, was a maiden and had picked-up just three tickets in her  short career.

She was second of four finishers out of nine runners in the puppy trail at Oulton on August 13; sixth of ten in an open non-winners at Potter’s Park four days later and then fifth of 17 in a puppy trail at Wythop on September 6.

It was a good finish, too, with Lady Ava holding-off three fancied hounds in close proximity – Cracking Last One Two, Bretton and Jenny’s Quest – and about six lengths would have covered the four.

Although it was a shock win, it was also a popular one, given that the young girls involved with the Foxparke team are the right sort of advert for the sport in attracting young, newcomers to hound trailing.

In the senior trail Huntsman’s Nimrod pegged back another on long-time table leader Miterdale Shadow but in the open pups two of the leading youngsters Young Harry and Wait ‘n See could only manage fourth and sixth respectively behind Biff.

The winning team is pictured - Robyn Napier, Ellie Napier and Brooke Butler with Bitch Produce winner 2020, Lady Ava.

19th September - Helton Bitch Produce

Hounds: 1. Huntsman's Nimrod 2. Babychamp 3. Acorn 4. New Agenda 5. Cracking Last One 6. Cuckoo Lane. 18 ran, time 31.16.

Maidens: 1. Blue Blaze 2. Thorn Fire 3. Overwater Flash 4. Overwater Marvin 5. Foxparke Golden Balls 6. Monsoon. 30 ran, time 33.31.

Bitch Produce: 1. Lady Ava 2. Cracking Last One Two 3. Bretton 4. Jenny's Quest 5. Thorn Rose 6. Integrity. 17 ran, time 20.06.

Open Pups: 1. Biff  2. Debonair 3. Eagle Rock 4. Young Harry 5. Fly me To The Moon 6. Wait and See. 15 ran, time 20.33.

Open Restricted: 1. Canny Mover 2. Lady Grace 3. Meadow Spot 4. Standby 5. Hunter's Flame 6. Black Legend. 35 ran, time 18.00.

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