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Written by John Walsh   
Sunday, 14 June 2020

hounds action.pngThe foot and mouth epidemic of 2001 wiped-out the Hound Trailing Association’s season throughout Cumbria.

There were fears that the current campaign would follow suit because of the coronavirus but a belated start is planned for early next month.

The March trials got as far as the 16th before they were stopped and there has been no further action until last week with a series of trials to whet the appetite for what lies ahead.

But the trials are being staged under strict Covid-19 restrictions with racing/spectating confined to members only

The entrance gate must have a table with three plastic boxes to receive the entrance fee, hound entry fee and donations to cover the lack of a drawing taking place. The person manning the gate must be two metres from the table and will take entries for the relevant grades advertised, exact money only as no change will be given. Payment must be made with plastic notes or coins only for cleaning purposes.

Vehicles must be parked at least 2.5 metres apart, and there should be no space to park another vehicle between the next vehicle if parked correctly. Adhering to the social distancing policy members must not enter other members vehicles and must stay at least two metres apart.

Throughout the official practice period to the n3rd July slips will be limited to 12 runners, in the event of more than 12 runners a ‘B’ or even a ‘C’ race will be run with entries equally split.

From the 4th July the promoter must provide a rope on the ground with tape marking every 2 metres to adhere to social distancing; where slips of 20 or more are anticipated a second rope must be placed 2 metres behind the first rope with the 2 metre mark exploiting the 2 metre gap on the first rope.

If the slip is restricted and social distancing can’t be adhered to, in line with government guidelines a mask or face covering is advised to be used at the slip.

During these Covid-19 regulations there will be no ‘marking’ of any hound at the slip.

Due to the frantic nature of the catch the HTA are fully aware social distancing will be very difficult so in line with government guidelines where social distancing can’t be guaranteed all handlers are advised to wear a mask or face covering for the duration of the catch. The finishing line should be as long as feasibly possible to accommodate the catch and must be marked with tape every two metres.

The Judge, Camera operator and catchers are advised to wear a mask or face covering and catch the relevant ticketing hounds adhering to the social distancing measures.

Prize money will be made available on a table in an envelope for collection after the completion of the trail. All prize money not collected by the end of the meeting will go to the promoter’s balance sheet.

Bookmakers and caterers are asked to implement their own covid-19 measures in line with government guidelines, members are asked to adhere to the social distancing guidelines while in the bookies area and queueing for catering facilities.

The HTA will accept no responsibility for any measures individual bookmakers or caterers choose to implement.

Those laying the trails must always wear gloves and dispose of them at the end of the trail laying.

Only the road scout/s and their vehicle should be at any road crossing, strictly no other members at the road crossing.

There will be no prize draws while the covid-19 regulations are in place. Members are encouraged to make a donation in the donation box entering the field. Drawings are more often than not the make and break of a meeting breaking even or making a small profit, so members are asked to carefully consider making a donation.

These regulations must be placed as a notice on the entry gate to every fixture along with a sign displaying ‘Behind Closed Doors Members Only’.

Promoters must disinfect all gates, fences and any other surfaces touched by members in the vicinity of the trail field when everyone has left the trail field.

The HTA is aware that some members may be at ‘high risk’ of coronavirus, according to the most up-to-date NHS advice. Those individuals are advised to carefully consider the latest NHS guidance throughout the above regulations, so as not to bring additional risks to their own health and safety.

 Whilst the above regulations do not require the HTA to prohibit ‘increased risk’ individuals from the trail field, everyone is strongly urged to act in their own best interests in line with the NHS advice.

The Executive Committee followed-up with a statement saying: “ A lot of time and effort have been put in by the Executive Committee to resume racing. So, any members not folowing the covid-19 regulations (ie, running in a trial with more than the permitted maximum of 12 runners) will be brought in front of the Area Committee.

“Any members not obeying to the covid -19 regulations are putting hound trailing at risk for the remainder of the season. The current covid-19 regulations supersede the c

current HTA rules for the period of June and will be reviewed again for the 4th July.”

Trial results for the week have been:-

Trial trails (under Covid 9 regulations)


Sat 13


Pups (A): 1, Eagle Rock; 2, Overwater Louis; 3, Shiraz.   8 ran, time 8.25

Pups (B): 1, Meadow Misty; 2, Estefan; 3, Spring Music.  6 ran, time 8.26

Hounds (Short): 1, Canny Mover; 2, Spring Dazzler; 3, Jenny’s Aura.  12 ran, time 7.18

Hounds (Short): 1, Bublé; 2, Denton Balboa; 3, Adele.  12 ran, time 7.16

Hounds (Short): 1, Lone Rebel; 2, Thorn Fire; 3, Sultan.  12 ran, time 8.43

Pups: None got round.

Hounds (Long): 1, Best Mate; 2, Huntsman; 3, Artemis.  12 ran, time 10.49

Hounds (Long): 1, Wild Gypsy; 2, Ol’ Blue Eyes; 3, Jenny’s Quest.  12 ran, time 13.15


Wed 10

Kirkland Leaps

Pups: 1, Foxparke Bugaboo; 2, Huntsman’s Prince; 3, Insane.  Time 13.27

Hounds A: 1, Mine; 2, Lillian; 3, Nashville.   Time 12.07

Hounds B: 1, Huntsman’s Nimrod; 2, Kinniside Jacko; 3, Acorn.   Time 12.02

Hounds C: 1, Huntsman’s Major; 2, Forlorn Spring; 3, Our Man Mike.   Time 12.32

Hounds D: 1, Liz; 2, Tom Thumb; 3, Billy Elliot.   Time 13.06

Hounds E: 1, Trev; 3, In The Red; 3, Eagle Hope.   Time 14.17



Hounds (Long): 1, Best Mate; 2, Huntsman; 3, Copperfield.  11 ran.

Pups A: 1, Macbeth; 2, Canny Style; 3, Young Harry.  12 ran, time 7.14

Pups B: 1, Bretton, 2, Meadow Misty; 3, Black and Tan.   8 ran, time 7.45

Hounds A (Shorter): 1, Grange Music; 2, Dawn; 3, Spring Dazzler.  Time 7.41

Hounds B (Shorter): 1, Denton Balboa; 2, Explore; 3, Meadow Spot.  Time 7.04


Sat 6 June

Kirkland Leaps

Pups A: 1, Imagine; 2, Foxparke Gooey Louey; 3, Foxparke Jog On.  12 ran, time 17.44

Pups B: all came back.   5 ran.

Hounds A: 1, Mine; 2, Blue Blaze; 3, Lillian.   12 ran, time 13.15

Hounds B: 1, Our Man Mike; 2, Zola; 3, Limber.  12 ran, time 13.57

Hounds C: 1, Escape; 2, Forlorn Spring; 3, Baba O'Reilly.  12 ran, time 16.08

Hounds D: 1, Mystery Bound; 2, Apache; 3, Babyliss.   12 ran, time 18.39

Hounds E: 1, Nashville; 2, Mysterious; 3, Eagle Star.   3 ran, time 13.50



Pups A: 1, Macbeth; 2, Canny Style; 3, Young Harry.  12 ran, time 7.30

Pups B: 1, Integrity, 1, Insane; 3, Jenny’s Quest.   9 ran, time 8.30

Hounds (Short): 1, Huntsman’s Novice; 2, Reebok; 3, Spring Dazzler.  12 ran, time 8.01

Hounds (Long A): 1, Acorn; 2, Canny Mover; 3, Artemis.  12 ran, time 11.37

Hounds (Long B): 1, Showbiz; 2, Copperfield; 3, Super Sun.   5 ran. 


Fixture List

Trial trails.

Wed 17 June – Cold Fell, Pups 6.00 (NB Park on trail-field, but the trails will be over fields and dykes)

Sat 20 June – Cold Fell, Pups 11.00 am (NB Park on trail-field, but the trails will be over fields and dykes)

Wed 24 June - Cold Fell, Pups 6.00 (NB Park on trail-field, but the trails will be over fields and dykes)

Championship trails.

July (Fixtures in red are still to be confirmed)

Sat 4 – Wardhall, H, P, OM, V, AI (1.00, 2.15, 2.45, 3.15, 3.45) C/W Area. V trail sponsored by C/W Chairman Fiona Dixon.

Mon 6 – Potter’s Park.

Wed 8 – Wardhall, H, P, OR, AI (6.00, 7.15, 7.45, 8.15) C/W Area

Sat 11 – Whitehaven Area

Tues 14 – Wardhall, H, P, OM, AI (6.00, 7.15, 7.45, 8.15) C.Supporters

Wed 15 – Cold Fell

Thurs 16 – Wardhall, H, P, OR, V (6.00, 7.15, 7.45, 8.15) C.Supporters

Mon 20 – Potter’s Park

Wed 22 – Cold Fell

Tues 21 – Dearham, C/W Area

Thurs 23 – Dearham, C/W Area

Sat 25 – C/W Area

Tues 28 – Bridekirk, C.Supporters

Wed 29 – Cold Fell


Wed 5 – Cold Fell

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