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Written by John Walsh   
Sunday, 23 August 2020

best mate produce.pngOne of the HTA’s marquee meetings – the Dog Produce – proved a major disappointment on Saturday.

Run at Ponsonby, the Produce trail had to be declared void with the leaders coming in under time and it was the same for the last two trails, open pups and open restricted.

However, the Whitehaven Area Committee have agreed to re-run the Dog Produce at their Whitehaven Classic on 31 August 2020. The format will be H, M, Dog Produce, Open Pups, OR.

Another consequence of the void trails was that in the Top Tipster competition no points were scored after the majority had Miterdale Shadow, Acorn, Hawkswood, Blue Blaze, Blue Bolt.

So as a result there will a roll over at the Whitehaven Classic with £50.00 first prize. with £2.00 entry. There will be double points for the Dog Produce trail.

Talking of good money, the four trails this coming Wednesday at Potters Park will be £50 each and the committee want to thank the sponsors Melbreak Foxhounds, McDonald Fencing and Nicola Napier. It is much appreciated in these difficult times.

Pictured are the only two winners on Dog Produce day - Best Mate (left) with Barry Laidler and Caroline Clough, with right Gary Woodend and Overwater Gemini. overwater gemini.png

Saturday, August 22

Seniors: 1, Best Mate. Only one completed. 19 ran. Time: 35:44
Maidens: 1, Overwater Gemini; 2, Super Star; 3, Monsoon; 4, Sultan; 5, Solitaire; 6, Foxparke Just Got It. 32 ran. Time: 33:54.
Dog Produce: void under time
Pups: void under time
Open restricted: void under time

Wednesday, August 19


Seniors: 1, Babycham; 2, Jenny’s Oracle; 3, Huntsman’s Nimrod; 4, Cracking Spirit ;5, Huntsman’s Novice; 6, Silver Dusk. 8 ran. Time: 41.50.

Pups: 1, Cracking Last One Two; 2, Silver Dancer; 3, Meadow Misty; 4, Silver Mist; 5, Jenny’s Quest;
6, Show Me The Way. 10 ran. Time: 19:34.

Open Restricted: 1, Meadow Josie; 2, Black Legend; 3, Showbiz; 4, Tom Thumb; 5, Insider; 6, Eden Raine. 8 ran. Time: 19:36


Tuesday, August 18

Wythop Seniors: 1, Miterdale Steel; 2, Acorn; 3, Lady Grace; 4, Overwater Sully; 5, Copperfield; 6, Bewitched.   12 ran, time 32.32 


Pups: 1, Bretton; 2, Miss Ava; 3, Macbeth; 4, Shiraz; 5, Overwater Louie; 6, Young Harry.

15 ran, time 21.24

Open Maidens: 1, Sultan;2, Overwater Robert; 3, Babyliss; 4, Hawkswood; 5, Jubilee;

6, Explore.  28 ran, time 19.35

Open Restricted: 1, New Agenda; 2, Denton Balboa; 3, Super Sun; 4, Overwater Flash;

5, Best Mate; 6, Dairy Lightning.  15 ran, time 17.48

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