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Written by John Walsh   
Tuesday, 22 June 2021

chambers amal cannock.pngTHERE had to be a change of plans for the west Cumbrian birds at the week-end after an aborted trip to Yeovil.

With conditions unsuitable for a liberation the decision was taken to travel back up country to find a suitable site to let go, and as it turned-out that was Cannock.

Saturday, in fact proved to be a difficult day all over the country with reports of poor returns and disasters in some areas. There was obviously something in the atmosphere that was bothering the birds with reports of poor clearances at the race-points.

David Harrison of Egremont said: “I think our race control team deserve a pat on the back for their endeavours to make sure our birds got the best chance possible to home successfully.

“So well done boys. I know there were losses in our race but not to the same extent as other organisations which have been reported on social media.”

The birds were eventually liberated at 6-15 pm in a light east wind and the leading birds fairly skated home at faster than a mile a minute.

The latest Amalgamation winner for Steve Chambers is a yearling blue hen which was clocked at his Whitehaven loft at 6-28pm.

Steve has had success before with birds from Alan Devlin of Workington and this is another one (pictured).

She had a very good young bird season after starting off 6th club, 17th Fed from Garstang when she had four loft mates in front of her. At Appleton she was first club,3rdFed and 9th Amal and from Tewkesbury was 2nd club, beaten by a loft mate, 11th Fed, 26th Amal, 29th Combine.

She rounded it off at Marlborough where she was first club, first Fed and first Amal.

Steve has been one of the most successful fanciers in the West Cumberland Federation and this latest win adds to an impressive list of achievements. The loft was also third and fourth Amal this week and had 14 in the first 40 on the sheet.

Splitting the Chambers birds by taking second in the Amal was David Harrison of Egremont Rangers, another consistent fancier.

It was a bit of a damp squib, though, as David says because he was the only member in the Egremont club who sent to the race. He sent 29 to the race, got 23 home and had a late bred reported in Scarborough. 

First up for him was a two-year-old chequer cock of Staf van Reet/Busschaert bloodlines from the late, great Tony Ennis. As a youngster he was 2nd Tewkesbury and 17th Fed on the day the amazing Mr Chambers clocked 14 pigeons in six seconds.

The Derwent Valley Federation winner Ian Wood of Harrington Central was sixth Amal and also took 7th and 8th. He had taken the first three spots in the Derwent Valley.woodie fed win.png

The three actually dropped together with a chequer hen actually hitting the bad while the other two landed on the platform before going in. Ian is pictured with her alongside. 

The winner was bred by Ian’s good friend Peter Rusforth of Flimby and as a young bird she was 2nd club, 5th Fed,5th Amal, 5th Combine from Tewkesbury.

She flew Messac as a yearling and last year she was third in the Copeland NW club,13th Red Rose Fed from Portland.

This year she’s had  seven races before Saturday including Lyndhurst with the North West club on the Tuesday before she was basketed on Friday.

The blue hen and blue cock,  which were second and third, are both Kees Bosua bred down through Ian’s good friend Paul Fisher’s birds. The blue hen was 25th Fed Stratford as a young bird – 4th club Appleton and 29th Fed Cheltenham 3 as a yearling.

This year she also had seven races before Saturday. Her dam is the 2017 Gold A ring winner (£6,000) for the loft while her sire is a grandson of PaulFisher’s number one stock cock Chico.

The blue cock 3rd Fed was Ian’s nominated bird which won the Cumberland Social Circle. Asa young he was his first from the Portland Gold A ring race and 21st Red Rose Fed on the same day. Ian is pictured above with him. 

He flew steadily as a yearling without scoring and this year was 2ndclub,14th Fed,28th Amal from Cannock 1.

His dam is a full sister to the blue hen’s dam who was herself a great racer, being nine times on the Fed sheet including a 2nd and 4th. His sire was bred in the stock loft from Paul Fisher’s birds and was 2nd in the Copeland North West club,20th Red Rose Fed from Worcester this year.

WEST CUMBRIA AMALGAMATION (825 birds): 1, 3, 4, S. and E. Chambers and daughter (Sandwith) 1874.6, 1874.1, 1873; 2,D.Harrison and son (Egremont Rangers) 1874.4; 5,Holliday and Dixon (Lowca) 1856; 6, I. and D. Wood (Harrington Central) 1842.

DERWENT VALLEY FEDERATION (564 birds): 1,2,3, I. and D. Wood (Harrington Central) 1842, 1840.8, 1840.6; 4, N. and G. Wordsworth (Harrington Central) 1833; 5, Martindale and Lawman (Workington Victoria) 1832; 6, McLuckie bros (Workington Social) 1821.

WEST CUMBERLAND FEDERATION (261 birds): 1, 3, 4, S. and E. Chambers and daughter (Sandwith) 1874.6, 1874.1, 1873; 2,D.Harrison and son (Egremont Rangers) 1874.4; 5,Holliday and Dixon (Lowca) 1856; 6, D. Lofthouse (Lowca) 1833.

CUMBERLAND SOCIAL CIRCLE (15 sent 30): 1, I. and D. Wood  1840; 2, Williams and Hadfield 1803; 3, R. McAvoy and son 1789; 4, Mr and Mrs W. Carter and sons 1769;5, Martindale and Lawman 1766;6, McLuckie bros 1746.

HARRINGTON CENTRAL (7 sent 90): 1,2,3, I. and D. Wood 1842, 1840.8, 1840.6; 4,N.and G. Wordsworth 1833; 5, 6, R .McAvoy and son 1789, 1783.

WORKINGTON VICTORIA (8 sent 149): 1, Martindale and Lawman 1842; 2,McLuckie bros 1834; 3,Mr and Mrs Walters and son 1828; 4, Williams and Hadfield 1816.8; 5, 6, Wil on and Johnston1816.1, 1814.

SEATON RBL (4 sent 31): 1, 6, Mr and Mrs Dustin 1779,1716; 2,3,4, Dobie and Palmer 1776, 1742, 1737; 5, F. Scott 1730.


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