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Written by John Walsh   
Saturday, 08 May 2021

mcluckie bros.jpgFanciers in west Cumbria were congratulating themselves on opting for a Friday race this week-end.

A look at the long-range forecast was enough to persuade officials of the West Cumbria Amalgamation that they should bring the Appleton race forward 24 hours.

So the birds were liberated at 11-30 on Friday morning and in about two hours the birds were dropping home in good style.

The new season had started last Saturday with the first race from Charnock Richard. The liberation had to be moved there because the Garstang site was undergoing refurbishment.

This opening pipe-opener was a bit sticky with gaps between flocks and one or two missing on the night.

One loft which has started the delayed campaign well is that of Morris and Wayne McLuckie who chalked up two wins in the Workington Social Limit club with the same bird.

She is a yearling blue pied hen, a grand-daughter of a top Van den Bulke UK Kittell who was sold by Les Green for 8,000 Euros.

Flown on the roundabout system she beat her sister from Charnock Richard and then won again from Appleton with her sister in third.

From Appleton, the loft had eight come together and in the Social Limit club they took 1st,3rd,4th,5th and 6th. They were third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the Workington Victoria club behind Kevin Evans.

From Charnock Richard in the Seaton RBL club Peter Dobie and Ralph Palmer won with a yearling blue hen which was raced to Appleton as a yb because she was not put on darkness.

Peter said: “She was actually one of eight which I bred for the Million Dollar race but because of covid and the demise of the race we had to keep them.

“Her sire is a Heremans-Ceuster purchased from Premier stud a grandson of 'Euro'. The dam flew well in the Algarve Great Derby in Portugal."

Looks like a good hen because  she followed-up on Friday by winning the club from Appleton. 

The West Cumberland Federation sent 713 birds to Appleton and Sandwith’s Mike McGrady had a great result – with first, second, fourth and fifth – all four clocked within 12 seconds.

A nice fillip for Mike who had problems a few weeks ago when he had a number of stock hens killed in the loft by a night-time visitor. Traps were set and the end product was he discovered the killer -a mink.

Winning Egremont and taking third and seventh in the Fed was Dave Harrison.

He had two hens drop in together but unfortunately one of them did not register on the clock for some unknown reason and by the time Dave realised and went into the loft but caught the wrong pigeon. By the time he clocked the right one 45 seconds had elapsed which dropped her way down below where she should have been on the fed result.

Dave was philosophical- “Technology, don’t you just love it. The winning hen is no stranger to the prize list having been 2nd Amal ( beaten by a loft mate by 1 second ) last year from Cheltenham No1. She's a 2 year old Hermans Ceuster bred out of stock obtained from my good friend Malcolm Scott of Gateshead.

“Second is another two-year-old  Herman Ceuster hen which was 5th Amal last year from Cheltenham No3 and also won Flimby show race to boot. She was bred at Gateshead in Malcolm’s racing loft from a 6th UNC winner and has brothers and sisters racing very consistently over there.”  

From the first race from Charnock Richard, Wilson and Buchanan had made a good start taking first and second as well as sixth.

The winning chequer hen was a Frans Zwols, a sister to Federation winners while the second, a blue hen is also a Frans Zwols, whose sire is a brother to the Prince of Rekkem and the dam is a daughter of Sky Runner. 


SEATON RBL (5 sent 124): 1,5, Dobie and Palmer 1365, 1268; 2,3, F. Scott 1291, 1277; 4, A. Parker and son 1271; 6, J. Gale 1264.

WORKINGTON SOCIAL LIMIT (5 sent 200): 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, McLuckie bros 1368.3, 1368.3, 1367.5, 1364, 1356.

WORKINGTON VICTORIA (8 sent 342): 1,2,4, McLuckie bros 1389.8,1389.8, 1389.1; 3,5,6, Martindale and Lawman 1389.3, 1388.9, 1388.4.

HARRINGTON CENTRAL (9 sent 295): 1, 3, 5, N. and G. Wordsworth 1369, 1317, 1301; 2, J. Devlin 1320; 4, R. McAvoy and son 1311; 6, Mr and Mrs Carter and sons 1301.

EGREMONT RANGERS (3 sent 195): 1, 2, 6, Wilson and Buchanan 13466, 1343, 1328; 3,4, J. and M. Doran and son 1339, 1336; 5, D. Harrison 1331.


WORKINGTON SOCIAL LIMIT (4 sent 128): 1,3,4,5,6, McLuckie bros 1414, 1413.8, 1413.8, 15413.4, 1413.4;2, Mr and Mrs Walters and son 1413.9.

WORKINGTON VICTORIA (8 sent 303): 1,2, Evans and Abraham 1431, 1430.9; 3,4,5,6, McLuckie bros 14305, 1430.3, 1430.3, 1429.

HARRINGTON CENTRAL (10 sent 292): 1, Mr and Mrs W. Carter and sons 1402; 2, 6, N. and G. Wordsworth 1395, 1372; 3, I. and D. Wood 1388; 4, J. Devlin 1385; 5, Telford and Pooley 1376.

SEATON RBL (5 sent 127): 1,3, Dobie and Palmer 1400,1385; 2,4, A. Parker and son 1391, 1381; 5, F. Scott 1348; 6, J.Gale 1347.

WEST CUMBERLAND FEDERATION (19 sent 713): 1,2,4,5, W. McGrady and son (Sandwith) 1408.4, 1408.2, 1406.6, 1406.04; 3,D.Harrison and son (Egremont) 1406.8; 6, Tomlinson and Banks (Cleator Moor) 1399.



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