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Written by John Walsh   
Monday, 28 June 2021

neil semple.pngAll eyes were on the sky as pigeon fanciers across the country raced again after last week’s miserable returns.

Strange atmospheric conditions were blamed as thousands of birds failed to home- not just in the UK but in Belgium and Portugal as well.

What would it be like on Saturday? Well not very good as far as Cumbria was concerned as the fanciers waited for their birds from a 10-30 liberation at Weymouth. They hadn’t done as bad as most the previous week, but this time they suffered.

Seasoned campaigner Les Blacklock, secretary of the Workington Vitoria club said: “Although they had a little help on liberation in a light south east wind it quickly turned to fresh ENE and then NNE to N en route.

“However the pigeons should have come through better than they did. It was very disappointing.”

Another experienced fancier said: “It’s the worst race we’ve encountered in 40 years.”

Whatever the race, though, there has to be a winner and in this case it was Neil Semple of Harrington Central who topped the sheets for his third Derwent Valley Federation win and second in the West Cumbria Amalgamation.

Neil moved from an allotment loft to one in his back garden and had just confessed to me two days before the race that the birds hadn’t really performed in their new environment.

But all that changed on Saturday when he got five out of his eight entries led home by the Amal winner.

He is a yearling blue cock (pictured alongside) sent on natural, sitting 11 days after Neil had re-paired his racers.sempswinner.png

He raced from the allotment as a young bird and along with 31 others was broken to the back garden loft.

His sire is off his previous Amal winning hen’s brother from Alan Devlin and the dam is from one of Alan Graham’s one loft birds.

There was also cause for celebration in Frizington as Andrew Kenmare and son Tom collected their first West Cumberland Federation win.

Andrew said: “We never expected to win a Fed race as the competition every week is so experienced and dedicated.

“It’s a great thrill for Tom and myself to follow in the footsteps of other Frizington flyers who won the Fed, such as Cameron and co, Alan Webster, Tom Scott and sons, and Paul Byers.”

The winning pigeon is a full brother to Frizy Flier who won the RPRA schools race last year and has been picking up some more prizes in the yearling race this year.

This first Fed winner for the Kenmares was bred in the stock loft with the sire being gifted by Cleator Moor club-mates Michael Nolan, David and Danielle Easdon and is from their very successful Ponty lines crossed with a Marden Van Reet.

kenmares fed.pngThe dam was a Christmas present for Tom purchased from Paul Fisher of Poulton le Fylde from his successful  Kees Bosua pigeons.

He was sent to the race driving his hen after being on roundabout for the rest of the season. He was clocked after seven hours 25 minutes on the wing.

As a young bird he led up twice before being lost and returned from the Lancashire area.

He returned to the same fancier two weeks later and the Kenmares nearly told him to keep it.

“My other son lives in Manchester and decided to come up for the week-end so I asked him to pick it up on the way. It’s a decision we are glad we made!”

 kenmares winner 2.pngTom and Andrew are pictured above while the winner is pictured below with his hen.

But the other side of the coin was like the Seaton RBL club where five members sent 28 birds and only one was back in race time.

Peter Dobie and Ralph Palmer's winner was a home bred A ring, which flew the Gold ring as a yb.

He scored twice as a yearling and then was 11th Fed ,18th Combine at Cheltenham three weeks ago.

He has a strong Millom connection as his sire was from Andy Grieve and his dam was bred by A. & K. Young.

WEST CUMBRIA AMALGAMATION (703 birds): 1, N. Semple (Harrington Central) 1165; 2,McLuckie bros (Workington Social) 1154; 3, Mr and Mrs Walters and son (Workington Victoria) 1148.5; 4, Berwick, Harker and Thompson (Dearham) 1148.1; 5, Tinnion and Aitken (Flimby HS) 1133; 6, A. Bromley and co (Flimby HS) 1130.

DERWENT VALLEY FEDERATION (490 birds): 1, N. Semple (Harrington Central) 1165; 2,McLuckie bros (Workington Social) 1154; 3, Mr and Mrs Walters and son (Workington Victoria) 1148.5; 4, Berwick, Harker and Thompson (Dearham) 1148.1; 5, Tinnion and Aitken (Flimby HS) 1133; 6, A. Bromley and co (Flimby HS) 1130.

WEST CUMBERLANDFEDERATION(213 birds): 1, A. and T. Kenmare (Cleator Moor) 1082; 2,Graham and co (Cleator Moor) 1076; 3,Holliday and Dixon(Lowca) 1073; 4, Wilson and Buchanan (Egremont) 1038; 5,Nolan, Hetherington, Coultas and Easdon (Cleator Moor) 1037; 6, Dobson and sons (Cleator Moor) 971.

WORKINGTON VICTORIA (8 sent 125): 1, McLuckie bros 1156; 2,Mr and  Mrs Walters and son 1150; 3, 6, Martindale and Lawman 1130, 1039; 4, 5,Blacklock and sons 1100, 1073.

CUMBERLAND SOCIAL CIRCLE (17 sent 34): 1, 4, McLuckie bros 1154, 926; 2,Blacklock and sons 1071; 3, J. Devlin 959; 5,Berwick and co 909; 6, Varty,son and grandson 866.

SEATON RBL (5 sent 28): 1,Dobie and Palmer 1016.

HARRINGTON CENTRAL (8 sent 100): 1, 5, N. Semple 1165, 1009; 2, 4, I. and D. Wood 1122, 1044; 3,N. and G. Wordsworth 1081; 6, J. Devlin 959.

FLIMBY HS (9 sent 142): 1, 3, Berwick and Co 1169, 1136.5;4,5,6, A. Bromley and co 1134, 1117, 1099.





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